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Global warming, is the lake going to empty ?


Léman experts

Global warming, is the lake going to empty ?

The Rhône glacier has retreated by 2km (1.24 miles) since 1850. Because of the fast melting of glaciers, important quantities of water are brought to the lake during summer. What will happen in 2100? When most of the Alpine glaciers may have disappeared and the precipitation regime is expected to have changed significantly? What will be the consequences of those changes on the water supply of Lake Geneva? Can we really predict them and if so, at what time scale? Those changes in inputs in addition to the increase of temperatures in the atmosphere have direct and indirect influences on the temperature and on the properties of the water’s lake, at different levels of depth. What will be the consequences for the water quality and eventually, for its biodiversity?

François Mettra, who is a researcher at the ESUL (Engineering School of the University of Lausanne), presents the eventual global warming consequences on the largest freshwater reservoir in Western Europe. A discourse concerning the methods that can help to anticipate the future management of this precious resource and recent scientific advances to better understand the ecosystem, should be addressed.

By François Mettra (PhD), searcher at the ES

Photograph : Jamcib

Adults (16 years old)

Thursday 6 October 2022
7 p.m.

Free, reservation recommended. 

Musée du Léman,
Quai Louis Bonnard 8
1260 Nyon

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