Léman experts

We are living along its shores, we drink its water, we dive into its herbaria, we cross it by swimming, on a paddle boarding or even by boat. We also observe its fish, we admire its ballet of its birds and we’re speechless in front of its magnificent sceneries. But do we really know Lake Geneva?

 Scientists follow one another to understand its functionate since the very first pioneering studies during the 19th century. Thanks to innovative technologies and unique from time to time, the largest lake in Western Europe is gradually reviling some of its secrets to the greater specialists. 

Did you know that tides do exist on the lake? Were you also aware that more than 70 species of birds breed here? Or did you heard about canyons and craters running through it? That the global warming could change the way the lake works?

In the museum, every two months, passionate experts challenge preconceived ideas and offer you an enlightened lecture in a language that is accessible to all.