The team

Lionel Gauthier

Lionel Gauthier has a PhD in geography. After teaching at Geneva University and a spell as director of the Valais Médiathèque in Martigny, he has been curator of the Lake Geneva Museum since 2014.

Marianne Chevassus Favey,
Curator assistant

Marianne Chevassus Favey graduated in economic and social history from the University of Geneva and the Sorbonne and is a specialist in maritime history. A professional journalist, she has held several posts in press and communications, including the editorship of Nautisme romand. She has been assistant curator of the Lake Geneva Museum since 2010.

Anne-Sophie Deville
Scientific collaborator

Anne-Sophie Deville has a PhD in ecology. Following her thesis on ornithology and various scientific communication activities, she joined the Lake Geneva Museum in 2018. She is currently also assistant director of the Challandes wildlife park in Bellevue (Geneva).

Visitor service


Filipe Resende
Reception Manager

Filipe was born in Portugal but grew up in Switzerland in Lavaux. A graduate in journalism and sociology of the University of Fribourg, and a self-styled Vaudois, he is now fully involved in cultural matters. He joined the Museum in 2019 and is also a professional musical comedy author and artist.

Juliette Davenne
Education and visitor service manager

Juliette Davenne has been in charge of Cultural Mediation for the Nyon Museums since 2017. With a degree in Sciences Po and Art History she is also a French Heritage Conservation Officer, specialising in cultural mediation, and spent 10 years with CERN before coming to Nyon.

Marie-France Thomas
Visitor care and security assistant & Guide

Marie-France is a visual artist from the Germinal workshop in Rolle (director Jacques Walther), who trained at the Cantonal Art College in Valais. She joined the Museum team in 2013. She organises creative workshops and is also working towards a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in cultural mediation at the Ecole d’études sociales et pédagogiques (EESP) in Lausanne.

Anaïs Devaux, Guide

Rafaella Garbin, Guide

Amélie Isoz, Guide

Caterina Martini, Guide

Chantal Perrin-Verdier, Guide

Olivier Braunschweig, Reception assistant

Camille Linder, Reception assistant

Killian Perret-Gentil, Reception assistant

Mélanie Rufi, Reception assistant

Margaux Da Rocha, Apprentice commercial employee

Cédric Perret-Gentil,
Manager of Aquariums

Cédric Perret-Gentil has been in charge of the Aquarium since its creation in 1985. Through his training activities he passes on his passion for zoology and aquariums to the Museum’s animal keeper trainees.

Adrien Roulet, Animal trainer

Following a traineeship in the Lake Geneva Museum, Adrien has been employed as an animal keeper since 2013. His passion is aquariums and he divides his time between this job and his aquarium design company.

Beatriz Pereira da Silva, Apprentice animal trainer

Sophie Dupertuis, Apprentice animal trainer

Mathieu Ricci, Trainee animal trainer

Library and Documentation Center for Geneva Lake Museum

Didier Zuchuat, Library and document center manager

Didier Zuchuat has been in charge of the Documentation Centre since 2011 and has acted as representative of the Museum on a regular basis since 1991. He is a speedboating specialist and also an authority on the Lake Geneva paddle steamers. He has published numerous books and articles on the subject and has coordinated the restoration of a number of heritage boats. He also owns cinemas in Geneva.

Décoration des Musées

Fabien Lhôte, Exhibition technician and designer

Marilou Mathey, Apprentice Polydesign 3D


Centre des collections

Benoît Boretti, Inventory co-ordinator 

Blaise Ruffieux, Registrar


​Administration et communication

Julie Hauser, Library and Museums Administrator 

Céline Visconti, Press and Media officer for the Service of Nyon culture