New: "No entry allowed!" (5-12 years old) - Max 5 children

A new birthday party for up to 5 children to do things that are usually forbidden... The children will be able to discover the backstage of the aquaria, usually closed to the public. They also be able to observe the fish from the gangway, to get an explanation of the water control panels, filters or aquaria lighting and they will assist at the feeding of the animals... What extraordinary things to discover!

Crayfish Mission. 7-10 years old.

Crayfish have disappeared from the lake... Turn yourself into a biologist apprentice to carry out a new, fun and... unexpected scientific investigation! Put on your lab coat, take your bag and go and collect clues in the new exhibition "Petite Nature". In the lab, analyse your samples to find out who the culprit is.

Creatures of the Lake. 7-10 years old.

Do you like mermaids? Then come and discover through the museum who the mermaids of the lake are. They're at the same time, creatures of legend, mysterious but also very mischievous beings.

Pirates and Smugglers, 7-10 years old.

Follow in the footsteps of the pirates of Lake Geneva, who used to board ships on the shores of the lake to steal the treasures...

Panic on the Lake ! 9-12 years old.

Catfish, pike or fox? Who is the big predator? Frogs, moles, seagulls or ducklings, all the animals of the lake are looking for it together in this great role-playing game freely inspired by the Werewolf game.

Créa'lac, 5-10 years old.

The children take up various themes from the museum in the form of drawings and artistic creations. More information on our Créalac birthdays.

The Perfect Fisherman, 5-6 years old.

In the form of fishing games, the children learn to recognise fish by observation. At the end, each child receives a personalised diploma and a small gift.


Activity Duration : 45 min.

For one activity : CHF 100.-
+ CHF 5.-/child.

Snack Room : CHF. 30.-

Maximum 12 children per group, including the birthday child.

Prices subject to change.
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