Living collections of Le Musée du Léman

Having five natural environments for five fishponds is an original way to reproduce the life of fish in their natural environment.

Aquaria of the Léman regularly host 200 to 300 fish and crustaceans that represent the 31 species, currently living in the Léman and its close areas.

Five fishponds that can bear 40 000 litres of water have the task to welcome them in their natural environment that have been reconstitute in the most possible realistic way, from the shore to the deep lake bottoms.

This exhibition that represents what is happening in real life, shows in detail the living marine spaces where different species are cohabitating. From the smallest to the biggest ones where the predators and the preys are living side by side

Then, the visitor became a real observer of the fish, silently and standing in the dark. He or she learns how to recognize them, discovers their behavior but he also assists their interactions in the most real conditions that could be founded in their environment.