Bulle d'Air workshops

Through music, La Bulle d’Air aims to encourage the development of the personality and means of expression of children from the age of 12 months. It organises musical activities in connection with the themes of the museums of Lake Geneva.

Sometimes the children are taken to discover the museum: marine songs in the yachting room, nursery rhymes about fish in aquaria….

The workshops will take place on Wednesdays from 10 to 11 am. They will be led by Martine Pernoud.

As a founder and as the pedagogical director of Bulle d’Air, Martine is a music therapist, a psychologist, a flutist, a singer and a business manager. She has been leading early musical education workshops and giving flute lessons for over 30 years. As a specialist in Baschet instruments, she develops, coordinates and conducts musical projects with children but also with adults with disabilities. She is a trainer for adults in early childhood institutions, in specialised institutions, in higher education and in continuing education organisations in Switzerland and in France. She also provides annual training courses for the Bulle d’Air team.