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Edmond de Palézieux (1850-1924), painter-navigator

Edmond de Palézieux (1850-1924), painter-navigator.

21 june 2014 - 25 january 2015

He wanted to be a sailor and became a painter, but a navigator. The Musée du Léman is devoting an exhibition to the Vevey painter Edmond de Palézieux, dedicated to his striking work, made up of vivid landscapes of Lake Geneva, great storms, the hard work of the people of the sea and boats buffeted by the elements. With the help of numerous loans, the exhibition presents a fascinating panorama of the painter's work, whose brightly coloured canvases can reach spectacular dimensions. The exhibition links the painter's passion for navigation to these impressive paintings. This can be seen in the great precision with which he depicts the boats in his paintings and in the accuracy of the manoeuvres he depicts. This fascinating dialogue is also mediated through unpublished documents and models from the museum's collections. Highlighting the richness of Edmond de Palézieux's production, this exhibition is an opening to his remarkable work.