Anniversaires au Musée

Celebrating your child’s birthday: a great room for a birthday tea and games. All you have to do is think about the food, the drinks and how the table is decorated. You can also download (below) personalised birthday invitation cards.

Mission Ecrevisse (Mission Crayfish) ages 7-10

The crayfish have disappeared from the lake. You’re a trainee biologist on a new scientific survey – fun and a total surprise! Get into your white coat, take your bag and go and pick up clues in the new “Petite Nature?” exhibition. Back at the laboratory, analyse your samples and find out who the guilty party is.

Peur sur le lac! (Terror on the lake), ages 9-12 ages 9-12

Catfish, pike or fox? Who is the great predator? In this role-playing game, loosely based on the “Werewolf” game, all the lake animals – frogs, moles, gulls and ducklings – get together to find the predator.

Le Parfait Pêcheur (The perfect fisherman), ages 5-6

The kids play fishing games and learn to recognise fish by observing them. At the end, everyone gets a personalised certificate and a little gift. At the end, everyone gets a personalised certificate and a little gift.

Créa’lac (Lake creations), ages 5-10

The kids make drawings and artworks based on a variety of themes from the Museum. More information

Les p’tits Pirates du Léman (Lake Geneva’s Junior Pirates), ages 7-12

Off you go in the footsteps of the Lake Geneva pirates, who once boarded and pillaged vessels along the lake and made off with some real treasure…

La Sirène du lac (The Mermaid of the lake), ages 7-12

Do you like mermaids? Then come to the Museum to discover who the mermaids of the lake are – mysterious mythical creatures, but they can be really malicious.

Le sous-marin (The submarine), ages 8-12

Make a submarine from a bottle and find out how a submarine works.